Our Vision & Values

As an employee-owned business our vision is to be a Force for Good through our three Guiding Principles - Values-led Culture, Innovation and Long-term Sustainability.  These principles guide future Trustees, Co-owners, the Co-owner Council and the Company Directors in their decision making and activities.

There are four values within our Values-led Culture – Integrity, Care, Empowered and Unity, each with specific behaviours associated with those values.  It creates an atmosphere where personal growth is encouraged, nurtured and recognised.

With innovation, we strongly encourage new ideas and market-led thinking to design and make rooflights for the architectural building product market that are novel, elegant and useful, continually balancing form and function.

Long-term sustainability in terms of growth and the environment means that we don’t accept quick fixes or unsustainable solutions. We believe it’s our responsibility to play our part in mitigating climate change and we have an ambitious target of achieving zero waste to landfill and being carbon neutral by 2024.


Our culture in the words of our co-owners
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