What does employee ownership mean in practice?

At a time in the history of humanity when all are pausing in enforced self-reflection, a sense of community and purpose is increasingly important. But how can a sense of community and purpose translate into meaningful practice?

A Meaningful Stake in the Business

It’s not just that our Co-owners get a share of the profits and have access to all financial reporting, there’s a deeper feeling of security for the future. This is because our Trust Deed prevents the business from changing hands, and the purpose of the Board of Trustees is to protect the interests of Co-owners.

As an employee-owned business every single Co-owner at the Rooflight Company has a voice and a true stake in the business, either directly or through our Voice Group. It’s the job of the Voice Group to take the opinions and ideas of their peers and bring these to the attention of the Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees. They know the ‘word on the street’ and are encouraged to speak truth to power.

A Unique Culture

Every business has its own unique culture – good, bad and somewhere in between. Our culture is based on three Guiding Principles of Values, Innovation and Long-term Sustainability - See our Guiding Principles

Celebrating EO day by creating a video wherein a ball is thrown and passed between co-owner's and employee's of the business in a “Don’t Drop the Ball Challenge” that will emphasize our Unity, teamwork and togetherness at the current time. 

Sharing all information is fundamental to employee-owned businesses         

Our goal is to be carbon neutral and zero waste to landfill by 2023.

Our Voice Group have direct access to the Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees

Employee Ownership

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