Cotswold Property

“We wanted to create a barn-like aesthetic; a single storey of stonework with a steep-pitched roof atop. If we could contain the additional spaces within the roof then the house would feel like a single storey barn. This proposal also offered a reduced sense of scale. It therefore became important not to break the roof line with dormer windows so roof windows were the preferred option. 

“neo™ was chosen as the frameless glazed sections would blend seamlessly with the plane of the roof, creating a slick reinterpretation of a ‘barn-roof’. We decided to emphasise the curves to the roof by taking zinc clad margins from the eaves up to the sills of the roof window – as if a strip had been peeled from the roof. This detail was particularly successful as an ordering device in tying the roof windows to the eaves rather than allowing them to float in space. 

“The neo™ roof windows are a great success. They work particularly well within the palette of materials used including zinc cladding for the curved details and an almost metallic looking dark black/purple roof tile.”

A total of eleven neo™ S8 roof windows were specified for this scheme. A total of seven Blackout Blinds were specified; three in Cement, four Feather White. In addition two Natural Plain Roller Blinds were selected both in Misty White. 

“The blinds are neat as they are intergrated within the frame, this makes them simple to install and very easy to use.” 

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