Thank you for choosing to buy from The Rooflight Company.

We have set out our terms and conditions below so that you know what to expect from us and what we need from you to allow us to deliver your order.

Please take a few minutes to read through these terms and conditions, as by placing an order with us, you will be considered to have agreed to be legally bound by them.

1 - Definitions

The terms below will have the following meanings whenever they are used in these Terms and Conditions

“Acceptance” means Your acceptance in writing of the Client Acceptance Drawings, and “Accepting” and “Accepted” shall be interpreted accordingly.
“Amendment” means an amendment to a Contract, made after the Sales Order Acknowledgement has been sent to You.
“Bespoke” means made to order for You to Your specification, in non-standard sizes with Your specification for glass, finish and colour.
“Client Acceptance Drawings” means the drawings prepared by Us in accordance with Your specification for the Products, and including Our lead-time for the Products.
“Contract” means a binding contract for Our delivery of Products to You, and comprises a Sales Order Acknowledgement, together with these Terms and Conditions and includes any Amendments.
“Custom Made” means made to order for You in standard sizes with Your specification for glass, finish and colour, one or more of which is non-standard.
“Deposit” means an amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of the Price.
“Location” means the address to which You require Us to deliver the Products, as set out in the Sales Order Acknowledgement.
“Order” means Your order for Products, referencing a particular Quotation if the order is for Custom Made or Bespoke Products.
“Sales Order Acknowledgement”

means Our confirmation of an Order, that specifies:

  1. that it is subject to these Terms and Conditions;
  2. a description of the Products to be supplied, referencing the Quotation if applicable;
  3. details of the Location;
  4. Your obligations;
  5. details of the Price and estimated delivery and insurance costs; and
  6. any special information about the Products.
“Products” means the products to be supplied by Us to You as set out in the Sales Order Acknowledgement, which may be Standard, Custom Made or Bespoke as defined herein and as further set out on Our website and documentation.
“Price” means the price of the Products to be supplied to You, as specified in the Sales Order Acknowledgement, as amended in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
“Quotation” means the document provided by Us confirming Our quote for the provision of Products to You.
“Services” means Our services for the delivery of the Products, and if requested by You, any other services in respect of Your Order.
“Standard” means standard sizes, finishes and colours as set out on Our website and documentation.
“Technical Specifications” means the written specification and instructions and/or manuals for the Products, including but not limited to Our Operations and Maintenance Manual.
2 - Your Contract for The Rooflight Company Products
3 - Product Descriptions
4 - Changes
5 - Services and Delivery Dates
6 - Delivery
7 - Consumer Rights of Cancellation
8 - Returns
9 - Warranty
10 - Title and Risk
11 - Your Co-operation
12 - Price & Payment
13 - Limitation of Liability
14 - Intellectual Property
15 - Confidentiality
16 - Contacting Us
17 - Other Important Terms

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