Flat Roof Windows

A flat roof is horizontal or almost horizontal. In fact, most flat roofs have some form of low pitch to help with water drainage. We offer a wide range of flat rooflights suitable for installation between 0o and 20o (please check the pitch requirements on each product page as some vary).

Here you can explore our range of fixed shut and openable flat roof windows, rooflights and skylights. Our Rooflights come in standard, custom and bespoke sizes as well as in the contemporary and conservation style to suit any building.

For contemporary projects we have the neo™ Plateau Rooflight providing a frameless appearance inside and out. For Heritage buildings our Conservation Plateau Rooflight is the only Heritage flat rooflight available due to the authentic skirt design, and is regularly specified by the National Trust and English Heritage.

Within our flat roof ranges, we also offer Added Security Rooflights which are available with a flexible choice of upgrades to suit your project requirements. If you are working on a project or live in a house in a vulnerable or urban area, we have a range of rooflights that have been designed to meet Part Q Building Regulations.

Our Conservation Pyramid and Lantern Rooflights provide a versatile way to enhance many types of buildings and are a particularly good option for Victorian-style architecture. They also allow a large volume of natural light to illuminate the space below.

All our flat rooflights are easy to install. Simply drop onto your kerb and bolt up!

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