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Are metal roof windows and rooflights susceptible to condensation like metal windows?

All our roof windows and rooflight models have been fitted with our unique Thermoliner® which allows condensation to be controlled by draining it through small drainage holes in the cill of the baseplate.

Do you provide flashing kits?

Flashing kits are available for on the rafter and between the rafter installations, please ensure you know your installation type prior to ordering. Contact customer services team on 01993 833108 for more information.

Building Regulations

For more information on building regulations please refer to https://www.gov.uk/building-regulations-approval

Approved Document Q was last amended in 2015. It covers the requirements with respect to Security in dwellings.

Visit the Planning Portal website for more information and to download the Part Q document.

Part L – Conservation of fuel and power

The legal framework and Approved Documents for Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) were last revised by amendments that came into effect in 2010-2011. The document now consists of four parts:

  • Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings
  • Conservation of fuel and power in existing dwellings
  • Conservation of fuel and power in new buildings other than dwellings
  • Conservation of fuel and power in existing buildings other than dwellings

More information can be found on the Planning Portal website and to download the Part L document.

Part F – Ventilation

Approved Document F was last amended in 2010. It covers the requirements with respect to Ventilation.

More information can be found on the Planning Portal website and to download the Part F document.

Part B – Fire safety

Approved Document B of schedule 1 of the Building Regulations covers the requirements with respect to Fire safety.

More information can be found on the Planning Portal website and to download the Part B document.

Do your roof windows and rooflights have trickle vents?

Whilst our rooflights can offer ventilation, this cannot be classed as trickle ventilation.

How do you clean your rooflights and roof windows?

Where rooflights and roof windows are inaccesible and cleaning is a key requirement, you may wish to consider a self-cleaning glass which promotes self-cleaning, please download Bioclean Explained document below for more information. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Service Team to discuss other options available.

All neo® roof windows come with BioClean glazing as standard and it is available to specify for our Conservation Rooflights®.

All our neo® roof windows are manufactured with Bioclean Glazing as standard. We have put together a handy PDF that explains what BioClean glass actually is and what you can expect from it.

BioClean glass is also available to specify for our Conservation Rooflights®.


Can your roof windows and rooflights be specified in different colours?

Yes, roof windows and rooflights can be manufactured in any available RAL or BS colour. Please note this does affect lead-time and cost. For more information please contact our Customer Services Team.

What are your payment terms?

We accept most credit and debit cards for full settlement in advance of our roof windows and rooflights. Payment can also be made against a Pro Forma invoice. A VAT invoice can be issued upon request.

Alternatively, the Rooflight Company products can be purchased from major builders merchants.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Please take a look at our Terms & Conditions.

Can I install a flat roof product on a pitched roof?

Typically in a pitched roof scenario, a roof window will directly lie in the path of deluging water being delivered to the head of the window from above. This places stress on two aspects; 1. the integrity of the frame joints and 2. the integrity of the abutment details. Rooflights for flat roofs are designed to be installed on upstands – typically made of timber. These upstands lift the rooflight away from the roof surface by approximately 150mm. Other than the rainwater that directly falls on them, water never accumulates on the rooflight frame; this means that there is less emphasis on the ability of the rooflight frame joints to withstand a deluge of water.

Roof windows designed specifically for installation into pitched roofs therefore require carefully considered jointing methods. In addition, the abutment details, perimeter frame details and flashing kits must be specifically designed to withstand ingress of water when installed on a pitched roof.

What accreditation do your products have?

CE logo

CE marking is a manufacturer’s declaration that an individual product conforms to the stated European harmonised standard(s). CE marking is not a quality mark nor does it imply conformity with national building regulations/codes. From July 2013 The Conservation Rooflight®, neo® and the Plateau Rooflight ranges underwent rigorous testing to ensure compliance with CE standard EN14351-1:2066+A1:2010.

iso 9001 accreditation

The Loss Prevention Certification Board is the approval brand operated by BRE Global for fire and security products and services. The Rooflight Company’s Secured by Design Plateau Rooflight has been tested and carries the approved logo. Additionally, the Roofight Company carried the ISO 9001 accreditation for the deisgn, manufacture, storage and distribution of pitched and flat skylights.

The Kitemark symbol is owned and operated by the British Standards Industry (BSI). The Rooflight Company are audited in their ability to produce and manufacture the double glazed units for the roof window and rooflight ranges. As an approved quality system from the BSI the insulated glazing units fitted to all Rooflight Company roof windows and rooflights carry the BSI Kitemark.

The Rooflight Company are the only UK rooflight manufacturer that are able to offer a Secured by Design Loss Prevention Standard 1175-6 Level 3 accreditation on the Plateau Rooflight range. Features include concealed hinges, stainless steel intruder security bars and toughened glass.

How do I register my products?

If your rooflights / roof windows have been delivered within the last 12 months then you can register them online to benefit from the applicable extended guarantee periods. We will require the serial numbers located on the stickers on the rooflights / roof windows and on the back page of the Operations and Maintenance Manual supplied with each roof window or the Sales Order number. Should you need any support please contact the Customer Service Team.

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