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When a rooflight is added to a space, the user will no doubt gain light and, if the rooflight is openable, ventilation. But how much light will they actually get? Adding a rooflight isn't just about providing light and ventilation. it's about optimising top light in the most effective way.

off the shelf size for conservation rooflight

Largest Range

With 16 standard sizes, we have double the range of sizes than any of our competitors.


Retains the character and value of your historic property.

All you see is sky

Internal linings to glass enhance the internal appearance.

On-site tomorrow

Next day delivery available. Prices from £485.

The Conservation Rooflight®

It is the original and still the most authentic conservation rooflight available. Our founder Peter King (an architect) invented it! Every part of the design is there for a reason.

We always have a size to fit. 16 standards and a made to measure service means you can preserve the integrity of any historic building and avoid cutting existing rafters, keeping the planners happy. Can create practically unlimited arrays.

The linings on the inside go right up to the glass, giving a clean internal finish.

The Conservation Rooflight®

house with linked rooflights
Volkins Barn300x300
conservation rooflight large

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Are you currently working on a project that requires rooflights? Do you have unanswered questions?

Vicki, our Specification Consultant, is available to visit your office, or site, to discuss your rooflight requirements. Vicki’s wealth of technical knowledge means she can talk through your projects and provide you with all that you need to ensure a smooth specification process. Vicki can also provide you with quotes and a point of contact throughout the duration of your project.

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