An Education In Top Light

When a rooflight is added to a space, the user will no doubt gain light and, if the rooflight is openable, ventilation. But how much light will they actually get? Adding a rooflight isn't just about providing light and ventilation. it's about optimising top light in the most effective way.

White Light

In the UK, the majority of light we get is bright white light from the sun.

Light from Above

Light from above has a different quality to light from the side

Directional Light

With light from above you get a directional shaft of light.

Paint with Light

We believe architects have the opportunity to use our rooflights as a tool to paint with light.

Rooflight Placement

Flat Roof Extension, Oxfordshire

The image above is a real-life example of how founder of the Rooflight Company and architect Peter King, RIAS, has simulated where light and shadows will fall. The trio of rooflights to the left of the roof has been purposely located here so that morning to noon light will play off the side wall interiors. One of the rooflights was also fitted with a motor to provide ventilation.
The central rooflight is located over the lounge area and acts as an inverted sundial, with the sun moving around the lounge as the day progresses indicating the passing of time. SketchUP can be used to model where sunlight and shadows will fall at any time of the day and any point in the year.
Why not try it for yourself?

Light From Above with Peter King

quote open There are lots of interesting things you can do with light. As an architect I have a very real interest in how light will look inside my interiors. By using rooflights to create an inverse sundial, you can not only create dramatic patterns but also show where the sun is passing through the sky. quote closePeter King, RIAS

Some examples of how rooflights have been placed to bring space to life.

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