The Rooflight Company
ISO 9001:2015
Quality Policy Statement
Strategic Direction

Scope and context of the organisation

Founded in 1993, the Rooflight Company offers a wide range of innovative, market-focused and design-led products for the marketplace. Underpinned by this ethos of innovative design, it is continuously evolving its product range and breaking new ground with its acclaimed, industry-leading concepts.

Offering an extensive selection of high-quality rooflights, roof windows and skylights, the Rooflight Company has built an outstanding reputation for innovation and design excellence.

Our ambition is to grow a thriving and sustainable business through leading the industry in Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence, Product and Service Leadership. We believe the key elements essential in achieving our strategic direction are derived from this policy and are in controlling the company internal and external factors, identifying our risks and opportunities to achieve our objectives and meeting the needs of our customers and associated stakeholders.



Design, manufacture, storage and distribution of pitched and flat rooflights.


Policy Statement

  • This policy provides a framework for setting quality objectives
  • Our aim is to achieve and maintain a cost-effective and profitable business to provide the levels of return on investment, whilst also running our operations efficiently and effectively to deliver customer satisfaction
  • We are committed to providing high-quality rooflights, roof windows and skylights and after-sales service that fully meets the needs of our customers whilst meeting industry sector related statutory, regulatory and other applicable requirements including LPS 1175
  • We recognise the importance of maintaining our accredited certification of internationally recognised standards of quality. The company and employees are committed to continually improve and enhance our quality performance through our quality management system. This will be achieved through our objectives and targets created to ensure intended outcomes are met
  • The company’s activities and products/ services are documented within our management system to control risks and mitigate quality impacts
  • This policy statement is communicated to all personnel within the organisation and is reviewed at regular intervals

All staff are aware of their responsibilities within our management system standard and are committed to its future success. The company supports the appropriate training to ensure the required skills are to the levels expected. This policy will be available to our external interested parties where appropriate.

Date created: 1st of June 2018
Last Review: March 2021

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