What to look for in a heritage rooflight and how the Rooflight Company began.

If you own, or are thinking about buying, a listed property there are guidelines in place to monitor changes you make to the structure of the building. It’s not just listed buildings that are affected, properties in conservation areas can also be subject to tighter planning laws.

These guidelines are in place to protect the integrity of the building.

If you are looking to replace, or add a skylight, to your property then you may find that your Planning Officer will not accept the more common style of skylight and you may be required to source a specialist style.

Conservation style rooflights have unique qualities that your Planning Officer will be looking for. These features are designed around the aspects of the cast iron skylights that made them so popular in the Victorian era. They include:

– A central glazing bar
– Top-hinged opening (rather than centre pivoted)
– Silicone fronting to resemble putty
– Glazing clips at the base

At the Rooflight Company we have passion for preserving heritage buildings. For twenty five years we have been manufacturing the original Conservation Rooflight designed by architect, and our founder, Peter King.

Our dedication to ensure the Conservation Rooflight means that it remains the most authentic replica of a Victorian cast iron rooflight on the market and is continually approved for use in listed buildings and conservation areas across the UK.

Speak to your architect about us today or call us on 01993 833108 for more information.

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