Adding a rooflight to your extension.

With kitchen and dining areas becoming more popular as the focal point of the home, many people are choosing to extend this area to create an open-plan living space that can be used by all of the family. But there is a limit to how big you can go.

A single storey extension must not extend from the rear wall of the house by over three meters, unless you have detached house in which you can stretch this limit to four meters. The height in any case must not exceed four meters.

A side extension to your house must also not exceed four meters in height and similarly the width of it must not exceed more than half the width of the original house.

Adding a rooflight to your single-storey extension can provide vast amounts of top-light. However their positioning on the roof can have a dramatic effect on user experience. If your rooflight is positione the rooflight which may not be the most desirable when eating. Positioning rooflights nearer to a side wall, will mean that you will still benefit from the light but you will get your own inverted sundial. As the sun passes over your new rooflight light wells will be created in different areas of the room at various times of the day.

Talk to your architect to see where they are planning on placing your new rooflights.




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