Choosing the right rooflights

The great thing about the world we live in is that we are constantly surrounded by a plethora of differing tastes. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and this is evident in the music we choose, the clothes we wear and even the way we model our homes.

The same can be said for discovering the right rooflight. Whether you are looking to brighten up your home, cut your lighting bill or improve your home aesthetics, a design that suits you is out there. Even better, the Rooflight Company is here to help you find it.

So why don’t we start by detailing our more popular choices?

thumb tower work

The neo™ Rooflight

Our neo™ range was created with one goal in mind. We wanted a simplistic opening Rooflight that appears frameless, almost non-existent, from the inside, and almost equally minimalistic from the outside: a design where the glass is the only visible internal aspect.

The result has been an incredibly praised innovation, utilised across a variety of settings. The neo™ range comes in fourteen standard sizes, and is fitted with self-cleaning glass. It can be tailored to a shape and colour of your choosing, and offers a variety of opening function options.


Roof windows on thatched house

The Conservation Rooflight®

Designed in keeping with the original Victorian cast iron roof window, the original Conservation Rooflight® fuses traditional aesthetics with the latest technological advances. The aim of which is to maintain historical buildings.

Our authentic low-profile design has helped us obtain rooflight planning approval on a greater scale than our competitors, whilst its uncluttered appearance helps prove it a popular choice amongst those browsing the market.



The Plateau Rooflight

Sitting 95mm above the kerb height, the Plateau Rooflight is pleasing on the eye and exists to enhance daylight as well as improve natural ventilation. Designed in a low profile fashion with sleek clean lines, the Plateau Rooflight comes in a choice of fifteen standard sizes, and can be personalised in a shape or colour that best suits you.

As for those seeking that extra peace of mind, our Added Security and Secured by Design Rooflight upgrades come with tamper-proof hinges and a bonded interlayer to reduce the risk of a break-in. Further options, such as a protective glazing perimeter guard and linked alarm sensors are also available.



The Pyramid and/or Lantern Rooflight

Crafted in a triangular structure, the Pyramid and Lantern Rooflights can take on a traditional design or a more contemporary one. As such, they are suitable for many different types of building.

Both these products offer manual and electric opening options, and come double glazed as standard. Despite coming in a range of various shapes and sizes, bespoke designs are always available. Have a look at our Stowe House project.


walk on rooflightThe Walk-On Rooflight

Designed for strength and elegance, the Walk-On Rooflight does exactly what it says on the tin. Fitted on horizontal surfaces, this Rooflight provides a window for natural light to filter through, in areas where people walk and spend time.

It is manufactured from stainless steel, and is as eye-catching externally as it is internally. This Rooflight is fixed shut to ensure safety, and comes with the option of anti-slip glazing as a further precaution. The Walk-On Rooflight is suitable for residential properties. It can be created in any shape and size.


StJohns bespoke rooflights

The Bespoke Rooflight

But everyone’s different. So for those who fancy a more unique design, we take pleasure in turning your innovative idea into a reality. Here at the Rooflight Company, we will do the hard work for you, and that includes providing you with technical drawings, on-site surveys and installation support.

We have over 20 years’ worth of experience designing Bespoke Rooflights. Our technical know-how means that there are few challenges too big. We’ve even worked on a number of award-winning landmarks. We are highly flexible and can offer a range of complex shapes and sizes, in the trickiest of structural limitations.

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