Why every Loft Conversion should include Rooflights

In a bid to enhance and expand ones living space as well as add value on to a property, a growing number of homeowners have taken to transforming one of their biggest and most neglected spaces, into a useable living area – their loft.

Loft conversions continue to grow in popularity all the time. For many, all that extra space has come in handy as an en-suite bedroom, a den for their children or even an additional seating area.

In their original state, lofts are generally highly uninhabitable environments. For one, they’re dark. An area that exists as dumping ground for clutter and hoard within a property has little need for the amount of light that we as human beings require. For another heat rises which, particularly in dark conditions, brings with it all manner of mould and matter that we deem unhygienic.

Why rooflights?

So when converting a loft, the simple solution, it would seem, is to ensure natural light can enter the area. This will help keep away any nasty matter and create a more welcoming living space. Rooflights are a popular choice as they are an easy way to lighten up an area, and can be opened to ensure consistent ventilation.
Cheaper than a dormer or mansard roof conversion, rooflights can simply be fitted in with the existing roof and installation is usually a simple process. In most cases, you won’t need planning permission to fit your rooflights either.

However, that’s not to say it’s a case of either/or. Even on a dormer or mansard conversion, a rooflight can give up to 30% more light than a vertical window generating a more spacious feeling, and can be strategically angled to remove shadows from darker areas of the loft space.

Your rooflights

The size and scale of the rooflights is entirely dependent on you. Available in a variety of shapes and dimensions, rooflights can be catered with the tastes of the homeowner.

Some prefer to take a sleeker and more modern approach. The neo™ range, designed by us here at the Rooflight Company is a great example of this. Its sheer simplicity creates the illusion of a mere glass pane from the inside, whilst maintaining an almost equal minimalism from the outside.

Those that lean towards a more traditional feel, or wish to maintain the ambiance of their period property, might sway more towards the Conservation Rooflight® range. Designed to replicate the original Victorian cast iron roof window, this rooflight keeps history alive, whilst utilising the most up-to-date technology to ensure quality.
The list really does go on. Our company was founded due to the complications we encountered when adding loft conversions to buildings, and we’ve worked hard to provide solutions ever since. Our portfolio even encompasses a wide assortment of bespoke creations for those who have taken a more unique approach to their rooflight design.

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