An Architect’s home and office

There is no doubt that the dwellings of an architect, be it their home or their office, serves to showcase their very abilities. Almost like an expansive portfolio, the merest glimpse into their world can tell you everything you need to know about their styles, palates and particular areas of expertise.

This doesn’t mean architects are under scrutiny to live up to Google’s interior office prowess. There’s probably no need for employees to slide (yes, literally) between one floor and the next. As for an office putting green? Unfortunately, the clutter of detailed plans, books and machinery demands all the space it can get.

Could you use some feng shui?

However, it is worth noting that in the midst of busy client needs, personal desires all too often go unserved. An architect’s home and workspace is their sanctuary. It is important for them to be comfortable in their living space, as well as providing a stage for others to view their architectural artistry.

Some renowned architects, such as Frank Gehry, have themselves created suitably quirky and comfortable spaces for their residence. A quick Google search of Gehry’s Californian residence is all it takes to observe his innovative two-story creation, enveloped by aluminium and chain-link fencing. Inside, you can find a more homely mix of older frames and joints of which the house was extended around, alongside more modern additions like the newer doors – a design encompassing cosiness and art

Others – Frank Lloyd Wright, David Chipperfield, and Philip Johnson – have utilised their own skillsets in a similar fashion to come up with imaginative spaces within which to reside. Of course, designing your own home or workspace is no small feat, and indeed a task that demands time and attention. However, that’s not to say adjustments can’t be made.

The answer

With that in mind many of these architectural creations, as different as they may be, share one highly recognisable feature throughout. They all utilise natural light in a way that transforms their living space, whilst providing unprecedented sustainability and ventilation benefits.

Research conducted by Scientists at the Lighting Research Centre has suggested that day lit conditions boosts the comfort and productivity of occupants, whilst better regulating circadian rhythms. Here at the Rooflight Company, we’re no strangers to the untapped advantages that natural light can bring. On the contrary, we were founded with this in mind.

Whilst you may not have the time to sit and plan your dream office space or living room, simply creating a lighter and brighter space could make all the difference. Our market-leading rooflights come in a range of shapes and sizes, designed to suit all individual tastes. We even tailor bespoke designs in keeping with your building. Take a look at the work we did on this RIBA Award winning property.

So let us do the hard graft for you. You can find out more about the right rooflight for you at, or to get a quote, simply visit

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