St Peter's Catholic Primary School

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School is a newbuild project in Gloucester. 

The original school has been demolished to make way for a modern building that is light and airy with open spaces replacing cramped, dark corridors and internal classrooms being joined to outdoor learning areas.

Each corridor space is flooded with natural light and ventilation through a total of 17 openable Plateau Rooflights. Two of these roof windows are linked together to create a large expanse of light, and one roof window is a large bespoke array spanning 12m long by 1m wide

Schools are vulnerable buildings and the local Crime Prevention Officer was involved in the project, wanting to ensure that added security methods were put in place to prevent unauthorised access via the roof. In addition, each rooflight has been fitted with tamper proof fittings.

The roof windows are also connected to the building management system with rain sensors, ensuring that the rooflights automatically close in bad weather conditions.

To find out more about the Plateau Rooflight and the Added Security Rooflight, please contact our customer services team.



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