Private Home, Oxfordshire

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When homeowners Cerys and William Evans decided to convert their loft space into a master bedroom and bathroom they faced many challenges. They knew that because of their young family all the work had to be carried out whilst they remained in the house, so needed as little disruption to their daily lives as possible.

Working with his builder, Mr Evans wanted to make as much use of his loft space as possible. The steep eaves of the roof would limit head space, and being too able to walk around the new bedroom without facing obstacles was an important part of the brief.

Specified for the scheme were six neo® roof windows. Four would sit either side of the eaves in the new master bedroom, the fifth would go in the new bathroom and the sixth would sit above the stairwell, providing vast amounts of natural light to the original top floor of the house.

With head space continually the focus of the project, a top-hung roof window solution was decided upon as it would mean when open the rooflight would not encroach into the room.

Five of the rooflights have been installed with the manual handle opening option and dual pleated blinds whilst the largest rooflight was specified as fixed shut.



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