Ochre Barn

Ochre Barn is a vast brick and pantile Victorian threshing barn transformed by Carl Turner Architects into a studio space and private residential accommodation.

The project fuses together the different spaces making the barn a place of inspiration, enjoyment and relaxation. 

The studio building, renamed ‘Stealth Barn’, has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/living space. Extensive glazing around the building gives panoramic views of the surrounding agricultural landscape. A large Studio Designer Rooflight has been installed above the living space to providing vast amounts of natural light above the kitchen. 

In order to maintain the industrial features of the barn on the outside, it has been preserved as if it were listed. The Rooflight Company were specified to supply Studio Designer Conservation Rooflights as they met the ideal of having a traditional roof window that would blend with the existing building style and structure but also meet current building regulations. 

Internally, the design is made up of large open spaces but architect Carl Turner has added large sculptures and furniture pieces to define and divide the space.

Studio Designer Conservation Rooflights have all the qualities of single Conservation Rooflights. By putting them on to a single purpose built baseplate it allows roof windows of the same length to be joined creating a run of finely detailed low-profile rooflights. 



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