North West London Property

Having worked with the Rooflight Company before, Elliot Payne contacted the Rooflight Company to discuss his requirements for bespoke rooflight for a new build residential property in north-west London. The design for the rooflight began as a desire to use off the peg lights in an interesting manner. The design evolved between client, the Rooflight Company, structural engineer and the architect.

The in-house design team at the Rooflight Company worked with the preliminary sketches supplied by the architect, then submitted three proposals to test the preferred design confirming affordability and design intent. The design for the bespoke rooflight pictured was progressed between the design, manufacture and construction teams on all sides. The Rooflight  comprised  of  twelve opening sections orientated in four different directions. Concealed motors were then linked to the building management system timer, as well as heat and rain sensors to ensure the building temperature is always regulated and the building purge ventilated during the summer months when pollution outside is at its lowest.

The design of the new home comprised of three floors built around a  central atrium with each floor made up of large open spaces  connecting each room. The client wish from the projects inception was to flood this internal  courtyard with light, whilst the Architect wished to avoid the solution looking to commercial or sterile.



Happy birthday to the Rooflight Company!

They say time flies when you’re having fun and nowhere can it be seen more clearly than here at the Rooflight Company. The Rooflight Company has experienced a lot of change in its twenty-five years of business but none more revolutionary than the transition…

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