Michael Baker Boathouse

Michael Baker Boathouse features a bespoke, curved Plateau Rooflight measuring 18391mm (w) x 1809mm (l). It is made up of eight baseplates and twelve casements, each linked using the Type A detail.

Associated Architects were commissioned to design an innovative new Boathouse for the King’s School Worcester Rowing Club, providing storage for the entire fleet of boats, with changing and training facilities at first floor level. The training space can also have the secondary role as a reception space for use in school and community events.

The unique two-storey building elevates the main habitable spaces to first floor level, offering dramatic views along the river Severn in both directions from a new glazed and cantilevered prow. The elevated structure gives the building a greater presence in the streetscape and the gently curving plan, following historic defensive line, gives the building a distinct modern presence on Riverside Walk. Best practice in terms of sustainability has been central to the design from the start and the building approaches zero carbon standard.

The Rooflight Company were able to offer a bespoke design service, allowing the architect to respond to the dynamic form of the building and to sensitively integrate controlled natural light and ventilation.

Large areas of glazing were required with a sleek, frameless appearance. The bespoke Plateau Rooflight provides a dramatic, continuous run of light for the length of the building and a system which is sensitive to its surroundings.

“We worked closely with the Rooflight Company’s in-house designers and Speller Metcalfe Ltd, the main building contractor, to ensure the rooflights blend seamlessly into the roofscape. They produced a very clear and detailed set of drawings, including accurate setting out information for the timber roof structure.

U-Values and air-tightness were important to achieve the required energy performance. The Rooflight Company was able to provide high performance glazing to reduce the U-Value and double air-tight seals. We are delighted with the seamless integration of the rooflights into the building and the quality of light they achieve. The Rooflight Company was able to respond to a complex set of design constraints and technical requirements, to enable us to realise our vision”.

The site forms an important and prominent part of the riverside promenade. The site has a rich history including Roman and medieval city core. It lies within the archaeologically sensitive area, on the boundary between the Historic City and Riverside conservation areas and is located on the corner of the former defensive line surrounding Castle Hill. Associated Architects’ design bears a crisp, modern appearance with plenty of riverside glazing. The striking form of the building has been offset by a sensitive palette of materials of muted tone, to help the building sit comfortably within its historic surroundings.



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