Frog Pond Cottage

Transforming Small Spaces with Rooflights

In the heart of the English countryside, you’ll find lots of quintessential cottages, often with thatched roofs, just like something you’d find on a postcard. Whilst these cottages are beautiful on the outside, they often lack light and space on the inside.

This was the issue a homeowner in Salisbury, Wiltshire ran into when it came to renovating an ensuite shower room in a cottage. The space runs the length of the adjoining bedroom but due to the size of the property, it’s only a few feet wide. The other problem was, it was incredibly dark, with no existing windows or the wall space to install them. The homeowner would need to put their thinking cap on, because this challenge would be the focus of their renovation. Natural light was a top priority to create the bright and airy ensuite space the homeowner imagined for their renovation.

With the room not having the wall space to install vertical windows, and because it was in the eaves of the building, there were no floors above it. Thinking creatively, the homeowner opted to use the ceiling space and install rooflights to allow an abundance of natural light to flood into the small space.

However, this wasn’t as straightforward as you may think because of the very nature of the homeowner’s quintessential cottage nestled in the English countryside. Being a Grade 2 listed building, planning permission is strict and so the homeowner needed to find the right rooflights that would be in keeping with the property and not upset its overall aesthetic.

The Planning Officers themselves were able to help the homeowner with their renovation, pointing them in the direction of the Rooflight Company’s Conservation Rooflight, the Victorian-style rooflight, engineered to modern specification.

With their advice, two CR10-2 rooflights were installed to the ensuite bathroom. The finished result is the beautifully light and airy ensuite bathroom that the homeowner had envisioned from the inside, and a period Salisbury cottage still quintessential from the outside.

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