Cranleigh Medical Practice

SR Architects were given the task to design and build a new health centre in Surrey.

SR Architects were given the task to design and build a new health centre in Surrey. The challenge for project architect Sohrab Rustomjee was to create a building which would provide as many treatment and consultancy rooms as possible in the limited space available on the new site. 

At the planning and design stage of the project SR Architects recommended main Contractors, Morgan Sindall Plc consider the Rooflight Company Plateau Rooflights for the flat roof areas. SR Architects were keen to find innovative ways of lighting and ventilating the curved main entrance waiting area, and after seeing other work by the Rooflight Company, decided that a curved Bespoke Plateau Rooflight was the perfect solution to achieve their vision. 

“The Plateau Rooflight completely enhances the interior with the amount of natural light that it provides; it makes the reception area look and feel so much more open and comfortable to be in. It has worked exactly how we wanted it to.”

Due to the building’s vulnerability, SR Architects also worked with a Crime Prevention Officer who suggested that Added Security features should be used on any part of the building which can be accessed. In this case, this included the flat roof areas which can be accessed for maintenance. The Rooflight Company’s design team were able to incorporate Added Security elements to all of the Plateau Rooflights used on the scheme, in order to meet the Crime Prevention Officer’s approval.

A key part of the brief was the tight deadline in which the project needed to be completed. The Rooflight Company were able to provide on-site support during the installation stages of the project.

In total one standard Plateau Rooflight  was supplied along with two sets of Bespoke Plateau Rooflights each using Studio Designer Linking. SR Architects also capitalised on the Rooflight Company’s ability to link curved rooflights to form one large curved Bespoke Plateau Rooflight.

The final result is a state of the art building featuring high quality building products. The new health centre has achieved a BREEAM ‘excellent’ status and has won numerous awards including Best Public Building in Waverly 2013, commendations in the Sustainability and Construction and Community Awards and ‘Healthcare Project of the Year in the national Timber in Construction Awards.    

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