Cavendish House

Joy Williamson wanted to maximise the living space of her bungalow by adding three bedrooms and two bathrooms as part of a large renovation project. However, her bungalow is located in the heart of the Henley-on-Thames Conservation Area, resulting in it being subject to planning restrictions.

These restrictions meant she was unable to build upwards to create a second storey, so instead she turned to adding the bedrooms and bathrooms to the eaves of the property. This savvy approach would reduce the need for planning permission. Time-consuming, expensive, and intense structural work would not be needed either.

Joy worked with an architect to perfect the design, resulting in the new rooms benefitting from maximum levels of natural light. This was particularly important as one of the newly created bedrooms, and both bathrooms, would have no access to vertical windows.

The architect chose 16 Conservation rooflights as a seamless, sleek alternative to bulky dormer windows. This design choice would maintain and enhance the overall heritage aesthetics of the property, whilst inviting the all-important light inside.

This modern take on the original Victorian rooflight meets all the requirements of an article 4 direction, making this a natural fit for projects in areas of outstanding natural beauty providing assured approval from the local Conservation Officer. On the exterior, the design seamlessly blends into the roof tile and inside the plasterboard can be taken right up to the glass, giving the appearance of a single pane of glass installed with putty. No frames in sight.

The cherry on top for Joy was that the rooflights in the bathroom didn’t need blinds for privacy because, naturally, they look upwards where no one can look in.



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quote open ‘I looked at other options on the market, but the simple design of the Conservation Rooflight made them the perfect choice. Clean lines, great quality, and a perfect fit with the aesthetics of our home.’ quote closeJoy Williamson, Homeowner
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