Bangor University

The Old Gymnasium is a Grade II Listed Building in a conservation area.

The last use of the building was as a film and radio studio, so many of the rooms were almost boxes inside rooms, meaning that no one could tell what state the original roof windows were in from the inside.

When refurbishing the building, the main concerns that were raised by the Planners and Conservation Officer were that the building materials should be like for like replacement.

However the original materials were old and defective Georgian wired glass, plenty of silicone, putty and other homemade remedies to prevent water ingress, all of which were failing to work anymore.

The Rooflight Company supplied a total of six bespoke Conservation Rooflights in sizes 1.275m wide by 0.958m high and 0.725 wide by 0.708m high. Two bespoke Conservation “Studio Designer” Rooflights were also specified in size 2.5m wide by 2.325m high.

The building commonly referred to as the Old Gymnasium at Bangor University was constructed circa 1910. The building was probably designed by Henry T Hare; architect for the neighbouring hostels in an Edwardian Arts and Crafts style.

It was originally erected as a Gymnasium facility on the site of the former Normal College that was founded by the British and Foreign School Society to train teachers for non-denominational primary schools. The Normal College facility was constructed in 1858-62 with the Gymnasium being erected as part of the conversion of the Normal College building to provide halls of accommodation.



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