Last week I read “The SPAB Approach to the Conservation and care of old buildings”. The report is a passionate argument for the protection of the UK Heritage buildings. What really struck me was the almost romantic way in which the author, Matthew Solcombe, talks about how ‘wear and tear adds beautiful patination that new work can only acquire through the slow process of ageing’.

At the Rooflight Company we often hear people who either live in a listed building, or are working on a listed building, discussing the rigidity of their planning officers and how this can cause problems for the plans they may have had for their project. Whilst we show empathy with them, we would be lying if we didn’t secretly celebrate Planning Officers who strive to maintain the Heritage of a building – we did of course invent the original Conservation Rooflight® to protect such buildings from modern alternatives!

The SPAB report also mentions how ‘it is extremely rare for there to be no hope for a building’. We think this idea is perfectly summed up by the Architects Journal Small Projects 2017 Winner, whereby Kate Darby and David Connor wanted to, and were successful in, preserving as many features of the derelict building they have transformed into a home. More can be read about the project here.

If you are working on a Heritage building, make a drink and spend some time reading the report. We certainly felt inspired after doing so.

Download it here.

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