How Much Does a Rooflight cost? Rooflight Cost and Installation Guide 

Rooflights are a popular choice for homeowners, and a dynamic feature to add to any property. The cost of a new rooflight depends on the size and scope of your project. From materials used, to whether or not you need to install Conservation rooflights, there is plenty to think about. 

We touch on this below in our definitive guide to rooflight pricing, giving you an idea of what to expect if you are thinking about buying a rooflight and are interested to know more. You can read all about rooflight costs in this guide, so you can make the right decision for your home and lifestyle. 

How much do rooflights cost? 

The cost of a rooflight is dependent on the size of the rooflight, and the material used to make the rooflight, with prices ranging from around £500 - £2,000 plus. Bespoke rooflights will cost more than standard rooflights and skylights, and the style and specifications will also impact the price.

What are the main factors that affect the cost of a rooflight

The more rooflights you install, the more they will cost. This is because of the amount of material being used, including glass panelling, as well as additional installation costs. There are options for linked rooflights, that are reflective of a wider surface area. A standalone skylight will not cost as much as a set of four bespoke rooflights, for example. It is a good idea to scope your budget early on, as if you are only installing one rooflight, depending on your budget, you could spend more on the design and style. 

The materials that are used to make the rooflight will also impact the final cost. Aluminium rooflights are a popular choice because aluminium is a lightweight material, enabling a sleek and clean design to avoid thick frames detracting from the light. The Rooflight Company’s rooflights include high-quality, robust steel frames, which are coated by hand to protect the exterior from the elements, With lower cost option PVC frames also available,. All rooflights manufactured at The Rooflight Company are painstakingly hand-manufactured, with quality control assurances meaning homeowners can install high-quality rooflights that offer sleek, sturdy design and minimal aesthetic interruption.

The size of your rooflight is the biggest determinant of the final cost. The larger the skylight, the more expensive it will be. This is because the panes of glass will need to be larger, and more additional materials for the frame is required. Bespoke rooflights will cost more to install, as these are made to order as opposed to more accessible rooflights, incurring greater costs. Certain ranges such as The Rooflight Company’s neoⓇ Rooflight come with self-cleaning BioClean glass as standard. The larger the roof window, the larger the panes of glass, so prices will increase in this case. Larger, heavier rooflights will also cost more to install, which is something to consider when working out your budget. 

The location and positioning of your rooflight can also impact the final cost, as the rooflight installation may incur larger fees to cover lifting equipment such as cranes or forklifts. Logistics such as this should always be taken into consideration, so you can draw up a realistic budget.

If you have chosen to install a new rooflight, there are plenty of rooflight designs to choose from. Some rooflight designs will cost more than others because of the additional specifications and design.

These include: 

Bespoke rooflights are also available, the final cost of which will be determined by the size and scope of the design you have in mind. 

How much does it cost to install a rooflight in the UK?

The average rooflight installation cost in the UK  ranges anywhere between £800 - £1,100 according to the latest research from trades websites. This includes labour time, machinery and equipment, and materials. The cost to install a rooflight will come at an additional cost to the rooflight purchase itself, and most rooflight companies do not install the rooflight for you. It is a separate service, so be sure to consider this when choosing your rooflight. 

Check with your rooflight supplier about the best options when it comes to rooflight installation, and be sure to consider the installation costs when deciding which rooflight to choose. 

Rooflight installation costs will also include labour costs and the cost of any materials used, as well as the amount of time it takes to install. You can find a rooflight contractor via websites such as the Federation of Master Builders. Alternatively, you can simply ask your neighbours if they have rooflights on their properties. 

You can watch our video on installing a conservation rooflight here to learn more about what to expect when your rooflight is installed by a professional. 

How much does it cost to replace a roof window? 

If you are looking to simply replace an existing roof window, this will incur a different cost to installing a brand new rooflight or skylight. If you are replacing an existing rooflight, you will need to pay for the rooflight itself, but also pay the contractor to install it. If you are working on an extension or renovation for example, in addition to the above, you would also have to pay for the architect and consider planning permission applications.

Roof window suppliers will charge different prices for a roof window depending on the technical specifications, such as the size of the roof window and the roof window frame. The material of the roof window frame is something to consider as well; metal, timber and uPVC are the most common, although metal offers a clean, slim and sleek appearance, and is most suited for conservation roof windows. 

Explore the different rooflight styles below 

The Conservation Rooflight

Conservation rooflights are designed to be used in heritage buildings in conservation areas, allowing homeowners to update and refresh their existing period-style rooflights. Conservation style rooflights offer the benefits of modern rooflight technology, while aesthetically remaining in keeping with the local conservation area. Conservation rooflights for pitched roofs and conservation rooflights for flat roofs are available for properties and buildings recognised by English Heritage. 

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Neo® frameless pitched rooflights 

Other rooflight designs include fixed pitched roof windows that don’t open but offer a smart and clean aesthetic to allow plenty of light into the property. Suitable for pitched roofs between 20 and 60 degrees, the flush edging design of this style of rooflight is frameless on the interior. Fixed pitched rooflights require less upkeep as they don’t open, making them a popular choice with homeowners looking for a low-maintenance option. With standard sizes available, you can find a rooflight suitable for your budget in this style. 

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Neo Advance® flat rooflights 

Modern, sleek and energy-efficient, our modern rooflights for flat roofs create an effortless and elegant look that is frameless on the inside. Seamlessly blending in with your home, our contemporary rooflights for flat roofs are a popular choice for homeowners looking to make more of a feature of an existing room or extension. Letting light flood in, flat rooflights can help create well-defined zones within your home and add value to your property, which is why they are another popular style for homeowners looking to transform their living space. Depending on your budget, there are options for standard sizing so you can find a model and design to suit your needs.  

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Neo Advance Skywalk rooflights 

Neo Advance skywalk rooflights are a popular choice for rooftop areas and terraces, adding a touch of the wow factor with reinforced glass that allow homeowners to walk on the rooflight.  This style of rooflight for flat roofs would be suitable for a larger budget, as the high-performance design features a durable aluminium frame, triple-ply laminate glass and an anti-slip coating, offering safety, security and style. 

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Advanced security skylights  

Advanced security skylights offer additional security features for commercial buildings or homeowners looking for complete peace of mind. With tamper-proof hinges and security bars, security rooflights can offer peace of mind to homeowners and depending on your budget may be the perfect choice for you. Security rooflights can also be linked to sensors and fire alarm systems, and privacy and obscure glass is an additional feature for those concerned about home security or the security of the commercial building for any reason.

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Should I choose a bespoke rooflight? 

Bespoke rooflights are another option for your home if you are looking to make a truly original feature that can add value to your property. Bespoke, made-to-order rooflights are a popular choice for homeowners with a specific vision or design in mind. For those building their own home, or completing a home renovation, bespoke rooflights offer the luxury of choice, as bespoke sizes and measurements are catered for. 

Do bespoke rooflights cost more than standard rooflights? 

Regular rooflights are usually made and manufactured in standard sizes, which means they will usually cost less than bespoke rooflights. When designing your own bespoke rooflight, additional features such as privacy glass or motorised handles can be considered, too. In general, expect to pay more for a bespoke rooflight. Of course, the final cost of your rooflight will depend on the number of rooflights being made, as well as the size of the rooflight itself. 

What building regulations apply to rooflights? 

You shouldn’t need planning permission to install a rooflight, but there are certain U-Value standards that will need to be met to ensure your rooflights are energy efficient. You can read more about this in our complete guide to rooflights

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