Happy birthday to the Rooflight Company!

They say time flies when you’re having fun and nowhere can it be seen more clearly than here at the Rooflight Company. The Rooflight Company has experienced a lot of change in its twenty-five years of business but none more revolutionary than the transition to employee ownership two years ago. 

Peter King founded the business as a result of spotting a gap in the market as a practising architect – with so much demand for high-performance rooflights with a period look and feel, Peter successfully created the original Conservation Rooflight®, a replica of the cast iron Victorian windows, that offered the key benefits of meeting planning and building requirements whilst retaining an authentic heritage look. 

Since then, the Rooflight Company has continued to design and innovate heritage and contemporary rooflights, for flat and pitched roofs, with stunning aesthetics, high performance and exceptional energy efficiency.

Two years ago, the decision was made to transition to employee ownership – it felt like a natural next step to move the business into the hands of all those employees who had helped nurture and grow it. As the benefits of employee ownership took shape, Peter and Val King decided to step away from the day-to-day business and the business has since undergone huge changes.

We’ve welcomed a new Managing Director, Steve Webber, who has enthusiastically jumped in and built a solid leadership team and we’ve consolidated some of the values that we champion.

The Rooflight Company has always been built on the four key values of Unity, Integrity, Care and Empowerment and the transition to employee ownership has only served to highlight how important these values are in how we run the business.

What better way to celebrate our birthday than by working with key charities that are personal to our team and can help us learn and continue to live and breathe our values. Watch this space for more information but we are so excited to be starting this new journey.

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