What is a Conservation Rooflight?

If you are considering restoring or replacing your rooflight, you may have heard of the term conservation rooflights. Many people might still be left asking, what exactly is a conservation rooflight, and why might you need one? 

What is the difference between a rooflight and a skylight?

Natural light is one of the most sought-after commodities in a modern home. One of the easiest ways to increase the natural light in a space is by installing a ‘rooflight’ or ‘skylight’. Although they have been around since the Victorian era, they have been rapidly increasing in popularity as homeowners look for ways to increase the amount of natural light in a room in an aesthetically pleasing way.

How To Install A Walk On Rooflight

If you’re looking to brighten up a basement or a room directly below a roof terrace, a walk on rooflight will allow you to let the sunshine in without sacrificing any square footage from the space above.  On top of that, a quality walk on rooflight is a design feature in itself.

Happy birthday to the Rooflight Company!

They say time flies when you’re having fun and nowhere can it be seen more clearly than here at the Rooflight Company. The Rooflight Company has experienced a lot of change in its twenty-five years of business but none more revolutionary than the transition to employee ownership two years ago.

The Rooflight Company is West Oxfordshire’s Employer of the Year

2020 marks the second year The Rooflight Company, the Employee Owned high spec rooflight manufacturer, has been named West Oxfordshire’s best employer, having previously won in 2016. This award brings the company’s overall WOBA count to three, having also received the Marketing Excellence Award in 2017.

Employee Ownership – The legacy option for selling a business

It was 1989 Peter King – an architect – couldn’t find the product he needed for his clients in Hampstead Garden Suburb, London.

Creating a smart home of the future

Most people will know Ben Hillman from his various TV appearances on programs such as A Place in the Sun and his interior design work. Ben is also a DIY expert and is currently renovating his family home, a 1934 house. As part of a wider vision to create a ‘smart home of the future’, he is working on an extension and any homeowner undergoing a renovation project will enjoy following his progress via Instagram.

The Future is Employee Owned

The Rooflight Company, inventors of the original Conservation Rooflight® were founded 25 years ago; architect Peter King, founder of the company looks back at the journey from developing the original Conservation Rooflight:

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