Secured by Design Rooflights

The widest range of Secured by Design accredited rooflights that are tried and tested to give you peace of mind that security building regulations are met. 

When security is paramount, the Secured by Design upgrades to our Plateau ranges provide complete peace of mind for your project. Each Secured by Design Rooflight has been tested to a different level of security. Once you have decided which security level is most suitable for you this will rule in or out which design option you can have. Our Secured by Design Rooflights are upgrades of our Plateau ranges and provide complete peace of mind for your residential property.

Key features

The neo® Plateau Secured by Design Rooflight

  • Certified to LPS 2081 Issue 1 Level A and B as standard.
  • Certified to LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR1.
  • Perfect for ‘Low Risk’ category buildings.
  • Complies with Part Q Building Regulations.

The Conservation Plateau Secured by Design Rooflight

  • The first rooflight to be Secured by Design certified to Loss Prevention Standard 1175 issue 7 (categories SR2 and SR3).
  • Approved for installation into either a concrete or hardwood structural kerb.
  • Included as standard on SR3, intruder bars and glazing with solar and Low E coating to LPS 1270, on SR2 this is optional.
  • Can be manufactured from grade 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Can be applied to both ‘Low Risk’ and ‘Medium Risk’ category buildings• Perfect for sensitive buildings such as schools and banks.
  • The widest range of Secured by Design accredited rooflights.
  • Available for Conservation Plateau.
  • Tried and tested to give you peace of mind that Part Q security building regulations are met.
  • Our neo Plateau Secured by Design Rooflights provide more security for your money.

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Attention to detail

For almost 30 years, we have been designing and manufacturing high-quality rooflights whilst striving to provide the best service to all our customers. It is said that windows are the eyes of a building. That is why our highly skilled Co-owners are involved at every single stage of the manufacturing process. Every item is thoroughly inspected to ensure we are meeting customer expectations. Our approach to investing in the latest technology and training the very best people ensures our products shine.

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As an employee-owned business, every single Co-owner at the Rooflight Company has a voice, and a true stake in the business. Achieving higher productivity and greater levels of innovation ensures we stay ahead of demand. Our unique culture is based on three Guiding Principles of Values, Innovation and Long-term Sustainability.

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There are four values within our Values-led Culture – Integrity, Care, Empowered and Unity, each with specific behaviours associated with those values. It creates an atmosphere where personal growth is encouraged, nurtured, and recognised. Long-term sustainability in terms of growth and the environment means that we don’t accept quick fixes or unsustainable solutions. We believe it’s our responsibility to play our part in mitigating climate change.

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