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The neo® rooflight looks like a sheet of glass in the roof with its clean lines - unobtrusive and elegant on the outside, frameless on the inside. The neo® rooflight is where form and function are equally balanced, offering fine detailing to complement and enhance projects across a variety of applications.

Create that wow factor for your home with the neo® rooflight. Often featured on high-end prestigious homes, including many award-winning Grand Designs projects.

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Key features

  • Produced from high quality materials with optional concealed electric openings to complement the architectural concept of thoughtful building design.
  • Sleek look of a pane of glass inside and out.
  • Achieves whole-unit U-Value of 1.4Wm2K in accordance with EN ISO 10077-2:2012.
  • Fourteen standard sizes available, a made to measure service, and we can create almost unlimited arrays.
  • Top hinged opening (as opposed to centre-pivoted) for an authentic appearance and to maximise the space below.
  • Featured on award-winning landmark buildings.
  • Includes unique Thermoliner® detail, which manages condensation and mould.
  • We state the whole unit U-Value of our product (rather than the glass centre pane value).
  • The feel of a bespoke product for standard pricing.
  • Designed and built in Oxfordshire.

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Technical Information & Downloads

Flashing Kit

NBS Specs

NBS Specs

neo 'on the rafter' sizes and prices

neo 'between the rafter' sizes and prices

neo - Flashing kit sizes and prices

neo - Opening options

neo - Pleated blinds colours and prices

neo - Roller blinds colours and prices

Installation Manual

Flashing Kit Between the Rafter Installation Detail

Building Regulations

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Installation Manual Between the Rafter

Operations & Maintenance

Technical FAQ

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Technical Specification Data Sheet

Which installation do I need?


When we refer to rooflight sizes, we use the structural widths and lengths that the rooflight will be fitted in to. The structural dimension is the clear opening that is required within the roof structure in order to install the product directly on to the rafters (main structural members making up the roof). We call this an ‘On The Rafter Installation’ or a ‘Proud Installation’. The rooflight height may be a little greater than the roof build up, so the rooflight may sit slightly proud of the roof level, however this still results in a beautiful external aesthetic for most roof types, especially traditional builds.


If you have a very low-profile roof build-up, like slate, the rooflight may sit noticeably higher than the roof level when installed on the rafters. If you want a completely seamless aesthetic externally, you could install ‘Between the Rafter’, to achieve a completely ‘Flush Installation’, meaning you can’t see the rooflight frame at all from the outside. This means that the framework for the rooflight to be installed on sits within and below the rafters. This type of installation requires a bigger structural opening to accommodate the whole rooflight.

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on the rafter


On the Rafter Cold – Clay

On the Rafter Cold – Slate

On the Rafter Warm – Clay – FK

On the Rafter – Standing Seam

On the Rafter Cold – Clay – FK

On the Rafter Cold – Slate – FK

On the Rafter Warm – Slate

On the Rafter Cold – Sarking

On the Rafter Warm – Clay

On the Rafter Warm – Slate – FK


Between the rafter


Between the Rafter – Corrugated

Between the Rafter Cold – Slate

Between the Rafter Cold - Slate - Flashing Kit

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