Attention to Detail

Our architects and designers use the latest CAD/CAM Technology to help create the market-leading designs for which the Rooflight Company has become renowned.

Investing in the Latest Technology


Our architects and designers use the latest CAD/CAM Technology to help create the market leading designs for which the Rooflight Company has become renowned.

Not only do we invest in the latest technology but more importantly, we invest in recruiting and training the very best people throughout the company. It’s this combination of technology and craftsmen which produces that extra special something which you don’t find elsewhere.

It’s what makes the difference.

Will it stand the daylight test?


Rooflights are under constant scrutiny as they are “held up to the light” every day of their ‘life’. That’s why we have scrupulous inspection; looking for any blemishes which might be acceptable for conventional windows but as far as we are concerned — they just won’t do!

We don’t know what happens to the glass we reject but, rest assured, it doesn’t end up in one of our products!

If the designers said 20mm – then 20mm it is!

Despite their initial appearance roof lights are precision built components where compliance to every measurement counts. Roof lights which don’t comply to our exacting tolerances would create problems at the Installation stage and every stage of their life thereafter. Our production engineers preset our machinery to create components which comply with these dimensions but we still check – just to be sure.

Our patented “Thermoliner®” ensures you enjoy a condensation-free view of the outside world – and it’s unique to our roof lights. The designers and engineers have been precise in its creation but it could all be to no avail if it’s not produced correctly. The machinery is set to create a perfect product every time but the experienced eye knows that the creation of perfect corner joints is crucial to the performance of this key element; – so we just check every single one – to ensure the machine is doing as it’s been told.

Checking Standards


We specify materials from the worlds leading suppliers but we still inspect every single item at every single stage to ensure that they match our exacting standards. It is said that windows are the eyes of a building and it is the attention of experienced human eyes at every stage which contribute to creating the special nature of the Roof Windows we produce.

The computer might say it’s OK but we still check it – just to be sure.

No Machines Can Perform This Craft


Nowadays, specially formulated silicone sealant takes the place of putty and, as with the glaziers of days gone by, this skilled stage of the process of window making is fundamental as it determines the performance and the aesthetic appearance of the finished product.

It’s like watching an ice dancer, it all looks so easy until you try it and then see the mess that you create. No machines can perform this craft. It’s just experience which gets it right every time.

Precision is built in at every stage in the creation of the products which carry our name. However, some may regard the trimming of the glazing as the most important because it creates the initial impact. It is an important stage for many reasons but we know that it’s no use icing the cake if the recipe was wrong in the first place. No matter how tantalising it may look at first sight, the proof of the cake will soon be exposed when sampled! It’s not a revolutionary concept, – it’s like every part of the decision process to invest in one of our products – it just makes sense.

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