We were founded in 1993 by architect Peter King who couldn’t find the product he needed for his clients, namely a rooflight that was a replica of the Victorian cast-iron model. Peter decided to design and produce one himself, and the Conservation Rooflight® was born. With innovation being one of our founding principles we have continued to design and make rooflights for the architectural building product market that are novel, elegant and useful, continually balancing form and function. We are described by our competitors as the ‘Grand Designs’ end of the rooflight market, and derive the majority of our business through architectural specification.

Equal in importance to innovation is our values-led culture which infuses every part of the business. Our values of Integrity, Care, Empowered and Unity with their associated behaviours are a ‘non-negotiable’ for everyone working here, creating an atmosphere where personal growth is encouraged and nurtured.

Long-term sustainability in terms of growth and the environment is our third Guiding Principle, which means that we don’t accept quick fixes or unsustainable solutions. We believe it’s our responsibility to play our part in mitigating climate change and we have an ambitious target of achieving zero waste to landfill and being carbon neutral by 2024.

In order to continue our values-led, innovative and sustainable culture, we transitioned to employee ownership in March 2019 forming a Trust which acts in the best interests of all employees for the long-term. Strong leadership is still fundamental to our future success, but being employee owned means that people here have a voice and a real stake in the business.

Our vision is to be a Force for Good through living out our Guiding Principles. We believe that the world will be a better place if we walk the walk and show others by our example that good business is about creating and sharing wealth.

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