Rooflights, Security and Part Q

If you work on new build schemes then you will be aware of the Part Q building regulation that is now applicable. The new regulation is there to protect against unwanted entry in to these buildings, and so all products specified for areas deemed ‘easily accessible’ will now come under scrutiny.

The Part Q document defines ‘easily accessible’ as:

• A window within 2m vertically of a flat or sloping roof (with a pitch of less than 30 degrees) that is within 3.5m of ground level.
• A window or doorway, any part of which is within 2m vertically of an accessible level surface such as ground or basement level, or an access balcony.

Generally if a roof window is installed within a pitched roof it will fall outside of the guidelines, however for rooflights this is not the case. Flat roofs are typically within 3.5m of ground level therefore rooflights installed in the flat roof should carry a security certification.

There are various security certifications that are deemed acceptable these are:

• STS 204 Issue 3:2012
• LPS 1175 Issue 7:2015 Security Level 1
• LPS 2081 Issue 1:2015 Security Rating A
• LPS 2081 Issue 1:2015 Security Rating B

All of the above meet or exceed the minimum standard of PAS24, the original Part Q standard.

If your scheme requires a rooflight that has been security tested, there are a number of factors you should consider before deciding which level of security is right for you. This includes the location of the property, value of the property, where the rooflight is located, the value of goods within the property and if the property has additional security features such as CCTV.

The reason it is important to go through this decision making process is because, whilst the standards listed above are all acceptable for Part Q, the testing the product has undergone for each of the standard varies from tool kits used and duration of time the product can resist an attack. For example a rooflight tested to LPS 2081Issue 1:2015 Security Rating A has only been to resist an attack for up to one minute whereas a rooflight tested to LPS 1175 Issue 7 Security Level 1 has been tested to resist an attack for 10 minutes.

The safest way to ensure a product is compliant is to seek documentation from the manufacturer. Manufacturers should be able to provide you a copy of their testing certificates. Approved products are also listed on the Secured by Design and Red Book Live website.

If you are currently working on a project that requires security rooflight, call us on 01993 833108 or to see how we can help you.

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