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The real architecture of today

Three cheers for Rowan Moore in Sunday’s Observer writing about the giant distribution sheds that are taking up so much land in the middle of the country. Architectural writing is all too often about city centres, with the occasional incursion into sensitive country houses and a suburban gem. It may even stretch to the odd sensitively considered factory. But much of what goes up in this country is seen as beneath consideration or irrelevant – the mediocre business park, the out-of-town shopping development and the distribution warehouse. Yet these are huge and, as Moore explains, changing the face of vast swathes of our countryside.

He writes in a really interesting way about them, explaining why they are where they are, and how designers (Chetwood Associates in particular) endeavour to make them less obtrusive. But most of all, he is to be congratulated for writing about them at all.

Not of course, that they are relevant to my life… no time to write more, I must make an Amazon order and then pop to the supermarket.

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