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A jewel of an architect

Looking through today’s Observer I saw a two-page ad feature for ‘Not on the High Street’ which showed a face, and even more a name, that was familiar.

The name was Cari-Jane Hakes (well, you wouldn’t forget a name like that)  and her work as a goldsmith was discussed. You can see her work here.

Read on and you will discover that she started life as an architect but, she says, was always more interested in the detail than the big picture, and decided to concentrate on something even more detailed.

When I first met her she was a very young and evidently fiercely clever architect. She had just won a prize, and she and her husband Julian went on to form part of the AJ/Corus 40 under 40.

She diverged from architecture to adorn the upper part of the body. And Julian? He set his sights rather lower and made his name as the designer of some rather funky and definitely architectural shoes.

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