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From council house to millionaire’s pad

Thanks to architect Robert Evans for pointing out on Facebook what he describes as ‘the end of the high-quality council housing dream’.

Ham & High Property has highlighted a gorgeous Modernist house for sale in Hampstead Heath. The sting in the tale is that the two-bedroom house, now with an asking price of £1.1 million, is part of the Branch Hill Estate, designed as council housing for Camden by Benson & Forsyth in 1977.

Apparently, the council was excoriated as these were some of the most expensive council houses every designed, but goodness, if this one is an example, they are gorgeous. And now? Now it is being sold by specialist agent The Modern House for this eye-watering figure.

Quite a few people will have made a lot of money along the way. While I don’t really want to deny them their windfall, it is tragic that none of the profit has gone back into social housing – and that, although there are some talented architects designing for the sector, constraints mean that nothing this good is likely to be built again.

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