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Beauty in the mundane

I saw this lovely print by artist Jane Smith at the Archivist Gallery, on the Regent’s Canal between Islington and Hackney.

The print is of an exit from Old Street station, with the Bezier building (unkindly but accurately dubbed ‘the buttocks’ when first completed), behind it. Despite being near to some vibrant places, this is not a lovely corner of London.

And yet Jane Smith has made something gorgeous from it. We are used to artists of earlier centuries painting tumble-down cottages or industrial scenes and making them special, but it is unusual to see somebody revelling in the mundane architecture of today and celebrating it (although this is of course what Pablo Bronstein did in his exhibition at the RIBA – see our post here).

So three cheers for Jane Smith and her lovely work. Perhaps you would like to look at more of it?

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