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A delight for the eyes

A friend, Kris Kalinski, posted this lovely photo of a cottage in the Polish village of Zalipie which apparently, unsurprisingly, has the moniker ‘the most beautiful village in Poland’.

The ladies of the village (it would be the ladies!) repaint the houses every year, and they are splendid both inside and out. You can see more here.

It makes you think – well it makes me think – about all the discussion there is about decoration in architecture. This is obviously old-fashioned and traditional and even, oh dread word, ‘vernacular’. Yet it is not in any way twee or self-conscious. There are of course architects tackling the idea of decoration today, but it is still a fraught topic.

For the inhabitants of Zalipie, it seems to come naturally. Is there anything we can learn from there, or is it only those with no architectural education (I am guessing of course), who can achieve something so charming with such apparent ease?

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