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My voted counted!

How exciting, and how apposite, that the Halley Research Station in Antarctica won the prize for best project of the past 30 years at the British Construction Industry Awards.

As I said in a recent post, I voted for it. And if I was prejudiced, then so were many others. And of course, it benefits from being so recent. Many older projects were breakthroughs at the time but, having set the bar, now seem almost workaday. Only the senior members of the profession will recall just how special they were at the time.

But still… Halley. Surely in years to come, people will still be saying, ‘They built THAT!  THERE? HOW? WOW!’ Congratulations to Hugh Broughton Architects, to AECOM, and to all concerned.

Peter Ayres of AECOM posted a happy picture on Facebook, concluding ‘Now I am going to get pissed’. Well done Peter. You earned those drinks.



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