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Timber’s homes for the future

On Thursday evening I chaired a seminar for Wood for Good on the technology of timber houses.

The centrepiece of the event was the launch of Peter Wilson’s book, ‘The Modern Timber House in the UK’, which combines a fantastic selection of projects with a wealth of technical information and some views on the current housing situation and the ways in which timber construction could help.

Peter considered 400 projects, completed between 2007 and 2017, for inclusion before settling on 100. Most of you will know some of them — I doubt any will know all of them. The book is a labour of love, has some great photos, and for anybody already designing timber houses or hoping to do so, contains a wealth of information.

Peter’s desire, not surprisingly, is that the current growth in the use of timber for housing should continue and accelerate. This book should certainly assist that process.

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