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Mondrian in the suburbs

I had great fun at London Open House this year, and the most entertaining part was a trip to a house that its owner had dubbed ‘The Pearl of Metroland (Mondrian house).

A between the wars house that the owner Edward had bought in fairly unmodernised condition, it has, as promised, a ‘Mondrian’ kitchen, with the only colours red, blue, yellow, black and white. The floor is like a giant Mondrian, as are the cupboards, and there are amusing touches such as three parallel scrubbing brushes, in red, blue and yellow.

mondrian bits

He decided that the rest of the house should take the theories on further, using complementary colours so that, for example, the master bedroom is all yellow and purple, and the bathroom blue and orange

mondrian bed.

mondrian utility

The outside of the house is painted in blocks of pink and green and is somehow reminiscent of marzipan.

Would I like to live in this house? Certainly not. But to visit? It was heaven. We were even given a piece of Mondrian cake.


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