Life isn’t always simple

In the run up to April Fool’s day, it is worth remembering that even the wisest can make errors of judgment sometimes. Step forward veteran PR Giovanni Forte, who despite having moved away from this area of work was tempted by one last trio of charming clients, who had a brilliant idea for a modular home.

Despite her savviness and experience, she was strung out for months by these gents who didn’t have the wherewithal to pay, as she details amusingly on her blog.

It is worth reading for enterntainment value, and brings a few surprises. The first is that Forte was actually paid in the end, which the saga does not lead one to expect. The second is that, especially in hard times, it is perhaps not surprising that ‘charming’ and ‘chancer’ share the first three letters.

 And finally, as always in these cases, there is astonishment about the amount of work people will put in to not paying what was probably a fairly modest debt. Wouldn’t they – couldn’t they – have found the money in the first place and saved themselves the trouble? One has to accept that they probably rather enjoyed this process. Incomprehensible to me. 






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