Shanghai is bund to get better

Yesterday on the AJ’s Footprint eco blog, architect Rab Bennetts reported from Shanghai. His reason for going was to visit the nascent Ecobuild. For which he deserves my respect – I couldn’t even face the trek to Excel, let alone halfway round the world, although the tiny event that the reports sound less daunting than London’s behemoth.

But what I found really interesting was his description – with accompanying photo – of the transformation of Shanghai’s famous Bund. Bennets writes, ‘The public realm has been transformed with beauty and flair at great speed; most of the eight-lane highway has been relocated underground, the ugly flyovers have gone, and the waterfront has been extended to reconnect with the piers and jetties that thrust towards the new Manhattan on the other side of the river – at least it would be a new Manhattan if it had streets rather than desolate gaps between the towers.’ Way to go then, but certainly an encouraging sign.






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