I came, iPad, I conquered?

Is there no end to the domination of the iPad? We all know useful they are (or, we should say, tablets are) in everyday life, and that has spilled into working life. Want to share your drawings on site? Use your iPad. Want to make a snap of progress? Use your iPad. Want to make a snagging list? Use your iPad. Want to make a presentation for a pitch? Use your iPad and, like one canny architect, consider leaving it behind as a gift.

London’s Evening Standard has cottoned on to just how interesting iPads are, and yesterday ran a story about their new dominance http://www.standard.co.uk/stayingin/tech-gaming/how-ipads-are-changing-london-s-businesses-from-coffee-shops-to-oliver-bonas-a3468436.html .

It picked up in particular on coffee shop Grind in trendy Exmouth Market which not only uses an iPad for most of its operations but, apparently, designed the interior using photos and the drawing tool Procreate.

There may be some great design nous within Grind, but it is worth remembering that however nifty the tool, design is only ever as good as the skills of the designer who is using it.

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