The unkindest cut

 stanley knifeHow much should a roof be able to withstand? Rain, wind, a few birds landing, a bit of debris – of course. But a Stanley knife? That really is beyond the call of duty, especially if you are talking about a flat-roof membrane.

That is exactly what a recent roof had to cope with, according to a speaker at a recent seminar on roofing run by SIG Design and Technology.

A disgruntled employee of the contractor went on site on a Saturday, armed with the said sharp instrument, and made a few cuts in well-concealed places.

And did the roof fail? It did not.

Not because it could withstand anything – no such material could cope with that deliberate vandalism. But because it was picked up in the checking and inspection process.

Which goes to show, that if complex elements like roofs are going to work properly, you don’t just need good design and specification and technical understanding and skilled workers – you also need proper supervision and checking.

The only way to counter misguided people is with others who are not only wise and well-intentioned, but are following correct ways of working.

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