Celebrating an attack of shingles

I was in Dungeness at the weekend, which has become a wonderful architectural ghetto almost because it fails to tick all the boxes for a good connected life.

Good transport links? No. Sandy beach? Certainly not. Easy mortgages? Apparently you can’t get them. Away from it all? Well, sort of if you exclude the nuclear power stations and the power lines. Gourmet food? Well, the fish and chips are great but that’s about it. But of course we all love somewhere special and Dungeness is like nowhere else, with its role as England’s only desert, its Derek Jarman connection, its odd artists’ studios – and its collection of (largely black) architect-designed houses.

Seen here is Guy Holloway’s Pobble House, but there are of course others, including Nord’s for Alain de Botton’s rental enterprise.

wooden house

I just hope those houses didn’t end up there simply because the location is so photogenic. I think not – who wouldn’t want to stay in a strange and interesting house in such a strange and interesting place? If only there were more houses like these in more prosaic locations.

Ruth Slavid

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