The age of uncertainty

Many of the practices in this year’s AJ100 reported a downturn in orders in the last few months due to uncertainty about the EU referendum. Clients didn’t know which way it would go, and what the impact would be.

quetion mark

Now of course we have certainty – of a kind. We are leaving the EU – aren’t we? Despite the actions of those desperate to find a way to remain, I believe that the country now has no option but to leave. And the impact is already being felt. One architect reported on Facebook today that she had had a project put on hold, and another said that a similar thing had happened to him on Friday morning.

Nobody really knows what the impact of Brexit will be on the economy, and while they don’t know, they won’t invest. Whatever the final economic impact, it is unlikely to be worse than this. So, if you have kept meaning to sharpen your pencils/ finish your office extension/ finally get to grips with BIM or even just take a nice long summer holiday, this may be the time to do it.

Because the future may be much busier. And if it isn’t, you can at least start the next phase of your life with some new skills or a good holiday behind you – or at least some sharp pencils.

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