Remote museum design

How many museums are built every year? And how many more do we need? And just how excited do we get about them? It is easy to get blase, but I was really thrilled when I read that museums specialist Metaphor is working on the development of a museum about St Kilda, the remotest island in the Hebrides.

St Kilda, the remotest island in the Hebrides

The island is more than 40 miles from its nearest neighbour, has huge sea cliffs and its residents, who lived largely on sea birds, died out/ emigrated well over a century ago. It has fascinated me ever since, as a teenager, I read ‘The Life and Death of St Kilda‘. The museum is proposed for the rather more accessible island of Lewis which is still a pretty fantastic place.

Metaphor, which is led by an architect, should have some fascinating travels ahead.

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