Three cheers for research

There is a great article in The Architects’ Journal about research that Cartwright Pickard has carried out with the Mackintosh into the design of new homes, asking if they are making people sick. The conclusion? Probably yes. It looks at CO2 levels, a good indicator of air quality, and concludes that many homes are inadequately ventilated.

There are several reasons for this, from inadequate trickle vents, or vents in a position where they are commonly covered by curtains, to filters positioned in a place where it is difficult to clean them, with results like this:

ditry filter/curtain

The report disapproves of the habit of putting in ever cleverer control systems, when occupiers struggle to cope with simple ones (and why shouldn’t they? They want to get on with their lives in their homes, not dedicate themselves to controlling them).

So, I headlined this article with ‘three cheers’. That is, one cheer for the research. A second for Cartwright Pickard, as an architect, deciding that this research is important enough to carry out. And the third to the AJ for publishing it.

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