A timber building I’d love to visit

Next week the site visits for the shortlisted buildings in the Wood Awards begin. It will be, I am sure, as every year, fascinating, enlightening and occasionally disappointing.

We won’t however be visiting this building:

The Warp building view

Not because it didn’t make the cut, but because it is not eligible as it is in China. You can see more on the ArchDaily website. It is called The Warp and it was constructed with the help of students at Hong Kong University. It is the third of a trio of low-cost structures (the others are The Pinch and the Sweep) built as a post-earthquake project in Yunnan, a largely Muslim area.

The location, intriguingly, is the ‘Alcohol Room Visitors’ Committee’. I’m not sure how ‘important’ it is. But interesting, inspirational and plain beautiful? Yes. I hope we find some solutions that are as delightful on our judging visits.

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