Architecture in the swim

This week seems to have been all about swimming. On Tuesday evening the promoters of the Thames Baths project, led by architect Studio Octopi, held an event at the Royal Academy to celebrate the fact that they were halfway through their Kickstarter campaign to raise funding. They released new images, showing new possible locations for this floating pool, to be surrounded by reeds and other vegetation.

One of the nice things about this project is that it is intended to be democratic, when so much that happens in the city is elitist. Prices will be pegged to those of a municipal swimming pool. You may not be able to afford a home on the river but you will be able to swom in it.

Despite the use of filtration techniques, and the growing cleanliness of the Thames, there will need to be some water treatment – and there will be some heating. If you had wondered what this kind of swimming might be like – or rather a slightly hardier and definitely more natural version – this was the week to find out, as the first swimmers were allowed into the natural swimming pool (the first public one in the UK apparently) taking up temporary residence at King’s Cross. Fabulous views and freezing water I am told – I wimped out of going in on a cold and rainy day. Here’s what it looks like when the sun shines:

person in swimming pool

Swimming – it’s the new democracy.

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